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Install Zend Framework 2 Step by Step Using Windows MySisGit Software


Before you get started Zend Framework 2 Installation, make sure that you have the following software installed:

  •  ‹Servers:  xampp or wamp server
  • ‹ MySisGit: Git is needed to check out source code from various repositories
  • Enable your php_openssl Module From your php.ini File


 Step 1:

  • First Download and Install MySisGit with just Next Next….Next


Step 2:

To install a new Zend Framework 2, we will need to download the latest version of ZendSkeletonApplication and set up a virtual host to point to the newly created Zend Framework project. The steps are given as follows:

  • Run Your MySisGit  Software

Run Git Software

  • Navigate Server to folder location where you want to set up the new Zend Framework project:

git folder navigation

  • Write and Run Command in your git window for Clone the ZendSkeletonApplication app from GitHub:
$ git clone git:// zf2

zend framework installation done

after installation

Step 3:

Install dependencies using Composer:

  •  Navigate zf2 folder location where you want install dependency using Composer, Write and Run Below Command to your Git :


  $ cd zf2 

navigate project folder

  • Update composer.phar from your zf2 folder , Write Below Command to your Git Software
  <b>$ php composer.phar self-update 

update composer

  • Install composer.phar from your zf2 folder, Write Below Command to your Git Software


$ php composer.phar install 

Final Installation

Step 4:

 So now we have the Zend Framework installed. A couple of things to left we will do it now. As we always add any site I created into my server I customize it to v-host, so that it will works like a real site with write and view protection as like server. So we will do it now.

  • Open this file C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\http-vhosts.conf
  • Add the following lines to the file, while ensuring you have the first line in there!

<VirtualHost *:80>

ServerName zf2

DocumentRoot C:\xampp\htdocs\zf2\public

SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV "development"

<Directory C:\xampp\htdocs\zf2\public>

DirectoryIndex index.php

AllowOverride All

Order allow,deny

Allow from all



  • And also add this if you already do not have this, this will give access to the localhost as usual

<VirtualHost *:80>

ServerName localhost

DocumentRoot C:\xampp\htdocs

SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV "development"

<Directory C:\xampp\htdocs>

DirectoryIndex index.php

AllowOverride All

Order allow,deny

Allow from all



Now restart the apache by Xampp control panel stop and start again.

Finally Open c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add this line at the last zf2 localhost 

Now just open your browser and type http://zf2 you will see the ZF2 welcome screen. Good luck 🙂


Install Zend Framework 2 Step by Step Using Windows MySisGit Software

Hi, My name is Masud Alam, love to work with Open Source Technologies, living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’m a Certified Engineer on ZEND PHP 5.3, I served my first five years a number of leadership positions at Winux Soft Ltd, SSL Wireless Ltd, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), World Vision, Care Bangladesh, Helen Keller, US AID and MAX Group where I worked on ERP software and web development., but now i’m a founder and CEO of TechBeeo Software Company Ltd. I’m also a Course Instructor of ZCPE PHP 7 Certification and professional web development course at w3programmers Training Institute – a leading Training Institute in the country.

8 comments on “Install Zend Framework 2 Step by Step Using Windows MySisGit Software
  1. It’s nice and good and it’s better then the previous tutorial.
    Masud vai I want to write about zf2. I think I can start with simple CRUD with zf2. I’ve a profile in w3programmers. the user name is : mahmudbd1000. Please let me write… thanks

  2. While I write the command php composer.phar install it shows RuntimeException – You must enable the openssl extension to download files via https – what is the solution of this?
    For virtualhost code- should I add those two code fragments with the existing codes or should I make new blocks.

    • To enable openssl- 1. go to your xampp control panel
      2.Click config of Apache 3. Find an cllick php( php.ini) from the list 4. Find out (Ctrl+f) ;extension=php_openssl.dll 5. Just remove the ” ; ” from the beginning. 6. Save , exit and restart your xampp. Hope you can now install ZF2.
      For Vhost code – copy the code from here and just paste it at the bottom of that file. Keep in mind to save that file you have open that file as administrator. Thanks.

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