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Joomla 3.x Site administration Part-1


In this article we will highlight about joomla 3.x back-end for site administrators and joomla 3.x beginners. The power of CMS is its easy content and site maintenance system. To manage contents and build a website or customize the default Joomla 3.x site it is necessary to have good command on Joomla 3.x back-end.

To start joomla 3.x backend tutorial you have to install joomla 3.x 1st in your local environment. In our 1st article we have shown how to install joomla in localhost. Now to access your joomla site start your local server and hit http://localhost/joom/ from your browser. And you should get something like below

joomla 3.0 front-end

as you have installed brochure sample data in our 1st article the frontend layout will be similar to this.

Now to manually enter into the sites backend hit http://localhost/joom/administrator/ and you will get the login screen like below

joomla login form

give your login credentials here and after successful login you will get the below window

Joomla Control Panel

From the admin dasboard you will see many options. At the top you will find 7 options with drop down menu lists.

At leftmost can see the Options for system configuration for the site.
At top of middle there is the module for showing users logging activites. The other two modules shows the Most popular articles and recently added articles in the site.

At right most there is a column showing quick icons for most important parts to manage a joomla site.

Now lets have some brief overview about all the available options in the joomla cms core. All of them are available at the top black color row.

At the most left there is a preview button with arrow sign and your site name title. Clicking that will let you see the preview of your joomla site.

Then clicking on System button will show the list of available options for system configuration of the site

Joomla system menu

The options are Control panel, global configuration, global Check-In, clear cache, purge expired cache and system information. All of this are related to the system management of your whole joomla site.

Users button contains the items to create new user, manage the users role, permission, activities and mass mailing to the all registerd or available users in the site.

joomla users menu

In the Menus button you will get 2 options. Menu manager> for creating new menus and managing them and Main menu> which is the for managing the default main menu of the site.

In the content section you will get Article manager, Catagory manager and media manager of your joomla site.

The component section is for dealing with all the available components inside a joomla installation by default the followings are found in the component section. But if you install any other extensions then those component will also be found in the component section

joomla component

From the extension section you will be able to acces the extension manager to install new 3ard party joomla extensions to extend the functionality of your joomla site and manage all other extensions like templete, module, plugin and language of your site.

From the help section you will be able to acces all the official links for help about joomla.

At the right most the super user option let you edit the admin profile information and log out from admin panel.

As you have a brief overview on available options for managing joomla back end lets dig more on some most important options for joomla site management.

Global Configuration
Global configuration section is the most important section to set the parent permisson for your System and All components.

From system global configuration you can handle All the necessary elements of site system like the Site, Server, system, SEO, Permisson etc

joomla 3.0 global configuration

From the component part you can set the global configuration for all components used in the site. As there are whole lot of elements and options available for configure, it is not possible to highlight all the section in this article. For understanding them all you should visit all the available options there. Joomla will help you with help massage of brief description.

Media Manager
Another very Important section is the Media manager of joomla site. This section contains all sort of media elements like image, banner, logo, video etc of your joomla site.

joomla media manager

You can access media manager from Quick icon and also from the dropdown menu of content section.

Article Manager
Article manager is the another most important section for managing all the posts/articles of your joomla site. From here you can create, publish, unpublish, delete and manage all your articles.

joomla 3.0 article manager

Extension Manager
Extension manager is the most important section to extend the core joomla cms and its layout with Templetes, Modules, Plugins, Components and language. All the extensions have to be installed by extension managers install section

joomla 3.0 extension manager

Beside installation all the installed and available extension like Modules, Plugins, Components, Templates and language can be managed from manage section of extension manager.

joomla 3.0 extension manager update

Module Manager
Modules are very importent element to show different items in the front end and back end of joomla site. That’s why Module manager is very importent to manage the positions of the modules, publish, unpublished and edit them

joomla 3.0 module manager

Template Manager
Templates are the controller of layout or view of joomla site and also the back end. You can install as many templates as you want to change the view of front end of your site as well as the admin panel. From the template manager you can also customize the colors fonts logo style and others settings. It can be possible from from the edit styles option

joomla 3.0 template manager

These are the most important sections of a joomla site back end. There are so many options to configure, that’s why you have to work a lot to mastering the joomla back end thoroughly.

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