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Joomla 3.x Site administration Part-2



In this tutorial I will show how to customize and change the default data set installed in a joomla site. You will be then able to properly understand how to manage your joomla sites from backend.

Article Management

Articles are the most important part in joomla sites as they are shown as the contents of different pages under different menus. The articles are saved under different catagories and then shown in different pages and menus. So for publishing or showing any articles in joomla site mainly we have to deal with Articles, Catagories and Menus.

In Our default data samples we have the following arrangements in the front end

Joomla Home

Here we can see some menu items under the Site title HungryCoder like Home, About Us, News, Contact Us etc.

If you click the menus you will see different articles / forms/ editors etc are pulished or shown under each menus.

1st of all lets works on editing the informations of home page and about us. For editing the home page article you have to go to the article manager there you will found list of all the published articled or stored articles in your site. From there choose the article entitled “Creating your site”

create joomla site

After choosing that you should get a page like below

Edit Article

Now lets Edit the title and contents of the article from the editor. As this article will be shown in the home page we do not need to assign any new category for this article. But if you want to use this article under different category and menu you could easily change that later. But for now change the title and contents and save them and refresh the home menu and see the following changes.

Joomla 3 Update Home page

You can change all articles like this. Besides you can save many articles one by one and later assign them to particular menu.

Additionally if you want to configure article more you could do that from the Article Options section like showing the title, author name, catagory name etc. It can also be set in Global configuratio section.

joomla 3.0 Configuration

Menu Management

Menu managment is another very important thing in joomla CMS. You can set multiple menus in different location of joomla site. But as we have only one main menu we will just check how to change the menu items and how to create a new menu. To access the menu manager click on main menu from the dropdown list of menu section and you will see the list with all menu items in main menu

joomla 3 Main Menu

From this menu item list Home menu is set to the home page and it is showed by golden star. From here you can set any menu item as default home page. You can also unpublish any menu item temporarily from this list and publish again later when you want.

Now lets analysis the setting of menu items. Click on Home menu item and you will get the following

Joomla 3.0 Edit Menu

Menu item type is the powerful option from which you can set different types components which will change the total function of a page under a menu. To change the menu item types you have to choose from The blue colored Select button and you will get a whole list of available components category like below

Joomla 3 Component

Here in each catagory you will found several options to choose like if you click on article section you will get like below

joomla 3 article section

Here you can choose any one from archived, single, featured article, catagory list blog, list of all article catagories and article cration options. You can choose anyone to your desired menu according to your need.

After choosing that you have to also article from the Pop Up menu if you have choose the single article showing option like below. But for chooseing a single article you have to create one article 1st.

Now save and close and after choosing your desired article. There are some more options I will suggest you to play with each of them to learn joomla effectively.

Module management

Modules are another most important settings for setting sites layout. The modules are small widgets like wordpress which can be set in different predefined positions of the selected template. For doing so you have to go to the module manager 1st. There you will get all the showed modules in sites fronend and also in the admin panel

joomla 3 add module

From the published modules in different positions you can change their position location in the templete.

You can also add new modules from available installed modules in the site like a list below

install joomla 3.0 module

choose any one and then the following page will be showed there you can finalize your module settings

joomla 3 module final install

Save and close and you will see the module published in sites front end. For understanding and find out

the module position we will highlight in templete manager section.

Template Managment

From the templete manger we can manage and customize all the availabe and installed templetes for both site and administration. You can set or chang the default templete of the site or admin by just set that as deafult which showsgolden star value.

You can also change the color schemes, logo, fonts etc of both admin and site templates. I’ve just changed the color of admin template

change joomla 3 admin template

Finding module position of template

As I told before to show the process of finding out the module position now I will show the process of doing so. To do that select templets from tempalte manager and then findout the OPTION button from the left Top and select it

Select joomla 3 template

After choosing option just enable the Preview Module Position

joomla 3 template postion

After enable the module preview type http://localhost/joom/?tp=1 or your desired URL with ?tp=1 at the end in your browser and hit enter. Doing that you will be able to see the follwing result with brochure data installed. The modules of the templates will show like below

joomla 3 module position preview

By checking the module positions of your sites template it will be very easy to publish or show desired modules in your site which will let you create more functional website with joomla.

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