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Magento Installation Part 1

After you read Our Previous post ” Magento: The ultimate power of E-commerce “and decided to install a Community version? Before Installation, Consider what you need to know before you go clicking around, and avoid problems.

Where to install

If you will install Magento for the first time, you probably want to perform various tests. In this case you should install on your own machine or the company you work inside the server.

So remember that you need some software such as SodaPDF that make up the structure of a server. Like theApache , the MySQL and PHP . There are some packages like LAMP , WAMP , MAMP andXAMPP installation that make this a simpler way. So you create your test environment and development in localhost server and configures your way.

But maybe you want to install Magento on an online server. And naturally will hire a shared hosting to test the system, which is a very bad start.

Magento should not be installed on a host shared . If you want to test on an online server, hire at least a VPS ( virtual private server ). Being recommended for large stores use in a production environment at least one server dedicated or cloud .


Many people simply ignores the fact that the system requires some prerequisites to run.

Before you hire a hosting, see if it meets the prerequisites of the system. These prerequisites can be viewed on the official website at:

Are basically libraries that should be enabled or disabled, software versions, and memory.

If these prerequisites are ignored, your system will present problems during (or after) the installation. FOR SURE .

How to Install

There are three ways to install Magento CE. That can be characterized as simple, normal, and advanced.

In the end everyone will have the same result. So understand a little difference between them to make their choice.

The moment you step into the Magento Inc. website to download the system

 You find the options Full Release and DownloaderVersion Community Edition (CE).

Simple Mode – This option would Downloader available on the official website. It is an abridged version of the installation package. In this case, the moment you start the installation of the system, it will automatically perform the download of other files in the system.

Normal mode – The best known of installing any system, so it would be an option Full releaseavailable on the site. Where you download the complete system with all compressed files. So just unzip into any computer and start the installation (regardless of internet connection).

Advanced Mode – Advanced because it requires you to enter commands for SSH . But if you have experience with command prompt will love this installation mode, it is a turbo setup. Within seconds all files are on your server ready to run.


Magento Installation Part 1


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