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Magento: The ultimate power of E-commerce

What is Magento?


Therefore, many professionals, entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, when they want to immerse themselves in the world of ecommerce end up hearing about Magento. But after all, what this is Magento?

The Concept

Magento is an e-Commerce platform, or a web application. A program that performs all the basic routines of e-commerce like this site
It is a modularized system, where every module is responsible for a set of actions. There is a “shopping cart” module, the module has to payments, stock control module, the module customer, the module requests … and so on.
So if you need some functionality that does not exist in the system, just create a new module and plug the system. This is one reason for the huge success of Magento.

The Story

The Varien, a software company in California (USA), created in 2007 among many other programs, Magento Ecommerce.

In 2008 Varien officially launches Magento, which later became popular as Magento Community Edition (CE).

The software was so successful, the stakeholders decided to create a new company called Magento Inc. With it came new versions of the system, free versions (Community) and paid versions ( Enterprise ).

In 2011 Magento Inc began receiving investment from large companies, until the giant eBay decided to buy everything. And now Magento is part of the initiative X.commerce of eBay .

The use of Magento has expanded to Amazon sellers who want to reach a larger and more varied customer base. These sellers include the larger ones, served by the likes of Amazowl and other big-brand consultants.


For who is starting now, is really confusing to navigate on the official Magento and see various system options. Obviously of interest paid Magento Inc promote its products, leaving the Magento CE overshadowed.

So understand that…

Magento U – Not system. You would not download a version of U. This “U” stands for University. It is a training program offered by the Magento team.

Magento GO – A simple and practical model. It’s a rental store. The Magento Inc. offers hosting, installation, support, in return you pay a monthly fee. This model will be discontinued in 2015!

The advantage is that it’s cheap, and you do not have to worry too much at the beginning. Will register their products and start selling. For who is now starting in e-commerce, is a good choice.

The disadvantage is that it is limited, you do not have the same freedom as with a CE or EE version. For now it’s just gone back to the US and Europe, then it is not ready for our Bangladeshi market. And so his store begin to grow, they will push you the version Enterprise.

See prices and features of Magento GO clicking here.

Magento Enterprise – The Enterprise would be the luxury version of the Community. Has more processing power, better cache control, greater security, administrative most interesting features of Magento own expert support, etc. Obviously suited for large businesses.

To use the paid version, which has initial values ​​around US $ 14,000 per year. You will need the support and guidance of an expert team. The Magento list on your website the name of several official partners for this type of service, certifies Partners.

Magento Community – The best-known version, published and adopted by developers worldwide community. It is the version with open source and freely distributed. Has countless free and paid modules to supercharge and customize your store.

By having open source code, is able to meet anyone who is starting, just like the big players in the market, provided you have qualified people to administer the tool.

Hope you have paid close attention to what I just said. Qualifying! It is essential to use the system.

The Power

But there are other tools for e-commerce on the internet with open source and free, why choose Magento?
First by its structure. Magento was well thought out, so the choice of technology for development was essential to its success. Using Zend framework  for  PHP within patterns like MVC with database MySQL and patterns EAV , html and css standards within Tableless , commands javascript using frameworks , settings in XML , internationalization, etc.

Besides being totally according to technical page optimization SEO . The basic system modules are powerful, with inventory control, system backup, import / export of goods, payment integrations, forms of delivery, tracking customers with historical, claims, chargebacks, billing, promotions, groups, rules, sales crusades, etc, etc, etc …

What would be enough to choose Magento. But there is still the way it was modularized, allowing you to create extensions and customize the store, creating something unique on the internet … like not choose Magento?

The Future

The future of anything is unclear, and therefore awesome. The same concerns about the future of Magento could be the concerns of other e-commerce systems.
The acquisition of Magento by eBay Inc caused a concern. What plans would have to eBay for the continuity of the system?
Will we one day Bangladesh will have the same relevance in the countries of the European union? Thus attracting the attention of Magento Inc, since currently we are well ignored in the digital marketing activities of the company. That’s why we have to ask for help from Webmetrix Group and learn how web optimization works.
Worth to invest in a Magento Developer Certification? And as a company, it pays to be a certified partner?
When it comes to choosing a reputable company to manage your SEO, there’s both a right way and a wrong way to go about the hiring process. By choosing Fudzology, learn how to fix any issues and optimize your site for the search engines. With San Francisco SEO, they are willing to transform your website into a lead generation machine that converts visitors into sales qualified leads. They offer professional SEO services from king kong seo reviews that help websites increase organic search drastically and compete for 1st page rankings of highly competitive keywords.
The next versions of Magento promise surprise. Making it easy and practical life of the whole community involved with Magento. But will remain the market leader for a long time?
We can only wait and study hard.


Magento: The ultimate power of E-commerce

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