ISP Setup

Duration/Training Format

Instructor-Led Training

Class Type:      Each class 3 hours

Duration:         40 hours




Students acquire the skills and knowledge on Mail Server, DNS server, Proxy server, DHCP server, SAMBA server, FTP server and Monitoring system. This training course is  focused for Real Life oriented scenario.




      ·  IT professionals



  • IT professionals who have earned an Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification or maintain the equivalent experience with Linux
  • System administration experience on Microsoft Windows operating systems is beneficial but not necessary for this course


Get the skills required to deploy and manage ISP infrastructure using Linux.

Course Contents

Mail Server:


  • Describe what is mailserver elements of mail server
  • Installing new os configuration.
  • Installing postfix,dovecot, squirrelmail
  • Installing  and configuring Zimbra mail server

DNS  server:

  • DNS server installation and configuration

proxy server : 

  • Squid installation and configuration
  • Squint Reporting

DHCP server:

  • DHCP server installation and configuration

YUM server server:

  • Configuring Local Yum server.

Samba/File server:

  • Installing and configuring Samba/file server

FTP server:

  • FTP server installation and configuration

Monitoring System:


  • Nagios server installation and  configuration
  • Cacti server   installation and configuration


  • Linux Static routing
  • Linux Dynamic routing